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Lavana Salt Room

Lavana Salt Room

Salt has an important purpose in Ayurveda. Moderate amounts of salt offer myriad benefits such as eliminating waste, improving digestion and regulating blood pressure.

Nuffield Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic & Spa offers 2 salt rooms where you can enjoy the benefits of halotherapy. Both feature Himalayan pink salt, which is known as saindhava lavana in Sanskrit and derived from the Punjab region. Considered the most superior in quality in Ayurvedic therapy, Himalayan pink salt is believed to be able to restore balance to all 3 doshas (vata, pitta and kapha).

Each salt room is fitted with a halogenerator to break down salt into particles and spread them into the air. It is believed that breathing in these salt particles can help ease respiratory conditions and skin problems, among other health issues.

Salt Inhalation Session (45mins) costs $125. For other details, please speak to our staff.

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